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Our Mission:

The intention of SoulShine Yoga is to promote union and vitality through the practice of yoga. We will contribute creatively to the community by providing a fun and sacred space for students to connect with themselves – aligning mind, body and spirit (however they define it)- with the objective that they take this connectedness off their mats and share it with the community, the environment and essentially, all beings / life.


Q: What should I bring to class?


Comfortable clothes that you can move in are essential. Either loose fitting or stretchy materials work best. (Men are comfortable in Board Shorts or Basket Ball Shorts.) No socks.

A yoga mat, if you have one. (You can rent or buy one at the studio.)

A hand or bath towel, if you tend to sweat easily.

An open mind.


Q: Is Safe Heating the same as Hot Yoga?

A: No. Hot Yoga is typically practiced in a room that is 104*F and has added humidity.

At SoulShine, we warm the room to a comfortable temperature to enhance your experience.  We believe that a warm body is more responsive to the practice.  We use a heating system to keep our classes comfortably warm (80-90*F) which we like to call Safe Heat.

Practicing in a room which is heated to over 100* F and 60% humid is not necessary and is possibly unsafe.  Excessive heat can be very taxing on the body, especially to the kidneys if dehydration occurs.  When practicing in a highly heated room, our bodies may expend more energy on maintaining a safe internal temperature than on practicing the poses.


Q: What type of yoga is right for me?

A: Our "Classes & Pricing" page lists brief descriptions of the classes we offer. Some are fitness based. Some are therapeutic based. All offer stress relief, better sleep, increased energy & well being.  

Yoga needs are unique to every individual and we would love to guide you toward a practice that is in alignment with your body, your mind, and your lifestyle. Please stop by the studio, call or email so that we can guide you appropriately. If you are a beginner, visit our "New to Yoga" page here on the website.