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SoulShiners UNITE!  

Membership Information:

If you attend class more than 6 times per month, a membership is the best value.  

Contractual Terms:

SoulShiners sign a contract and commit to their practice and commUNITY!  The contract is in effect for 4 months from the start date, with automatic renewal for the subsequent months. (The contract does not end until you submit a request (below) and ask for it to be discontinued.)  

SoulShiners agree to pay $128 per month in exchange for unlimited yoga and 15% off select retail merchandise.

When you sign your contract know that you are consenting to:

a/ an automatic monthly charge to your credit or debit card for the contract period of 4 months and then on a month-to-month basis thereafter.

b/ $10 late fee should you hear from SoulShine that your credit card failed to authorize and you do not provide a valid credit card within 10 days of the original rejection date.

c/ your service being deactivated if your account becomes delinquent for more than 30 calendar days.


To Freeze or Cancel Your SoulShine Yoga Membership:

Freeze Policy:  Freezes require two weeks notice.  You can only freeze your membership, any time after your first 4 months, once in a calendar year, for up to 1 month.  Following the end of your requested freeze period, your monthly auto-renew will automatically be reactivated.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations require two weeks notice.  You may cancel your membership at any time after your first 4 months.  

If you have any questions about these terms, please send an email to

Please use the below form to submit your Freeze or Cancellation Request.  Your request will be complete once you've received an email confirmation (within 5 business days).  **Please note** a reason for your request must be stated.

Thank you for being a SoulShiner!

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