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Welcome!!  Yoga is a physical & mental practice that will change your body and mind.  Expect increased strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.  Additionally, your balance, agility, focus and concentration will all improve with yoga.  Yoga is for everyone and compliments all sports.  It is a non-competitive, personal journey.  It's called practice for a reason so give yourself some time and be patient.  We want you to feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door. Here are a few things that can help you prepare for your first yoga class.

What classes are best for beginners?

*Soul Flow 1, Soul Flow 1.5, Soul Flow All Levels


Details of these classes can be found on our Classes & Pricing page. You do not need to pre-register for class, just come on in.

What to wear?

Like you would wear to the gym or for your other exercise options, wear comfortable (but not too baggy) workout clothes that you can move in like leggings or shorts with bike shorts underneath, T-shirts, tank tops, etc. We recommend that you wear layers, since your body may warm up considerably during your yoga practice, and cool down during the relaxation phase of class. 

What to bring?

If you have a mat, bring it.  If you do not, there are rental mats available for $2 and also mats for sale.  A water bottle and towel are also helpful.  Mostly, we invite you to bring a open mind and an attitude of curiosity!  (Do not be intimidated.  SoulShine is a very welcoming and comfortable place and so are the people.)

What to eat?

Yoga on a full stomach does not feel good.  We recommend that you refrain from eating a major meal 1-2 hours before class. We know this is sometimes a challenge, particularly for the evening classes that may fall after your typical dinner time. In this case, have a light snack before class.

What should I do when I arrive?

For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start. This will give you time to sign-in and pay, meet the teacher and get settled in the studio space. We ask that you please remove your shoes and there are coat hooks for your belongings. It's also helpful to let your teacher know if you have any injuries or medical concerns, so he / she can suggest modified postures for you if necessary. Some students like to take a few minutes before class to transition out of their stressful day by quietly relaxing on their mats.

Yoga Etiquette?

Remove your shoes and socks.  Turn off your phone.  (Please, NO cell phone use in the studio space.)  Arrive on time.  Respect the teacher.  Go to the restroom before or after class rather than during.  Keep variations appropriate - stick with what the class is doing; modify if necessary!  Do not skip savasana (the resting posture at the end is the most important pose in class).  Let the teacher know in advance if you need to leave early.  

How often should I come? And what type of package should I buy?

As with any "practice"...the more, the better but it depends on what you are looking for from yoga. Generally speaking, we suggest you practice every other day. If this is not feasible for your schedule, just find something that works for you. Even one day per week works. You may pay for one class at a time, buy a 10 class pack, or purchase an unlimited monthly membership. If you are planning on coming 2 or more days per week, your dollar will be best spent on the unlimited monthly membership.

What will I do in a yoga class?

While each class is different depending on the style of yoga and on the teacher, these are components that you will probably experience during a yoga class;
- Warm ups
- Yoga Poses (called "Asanas")
- Breathing techniques (called "Pranayama")
- Cool down stretches
- Deep Relaxation
- Stillness / Meditation

Some classes are designed to leave you feeling mellow, while others may energize you. We encourage you to try a variety of classes to see which style and teacher feels right for you. Always listen to your own body and never force in a yoga class. Ultimately, a yoga class should leave you feeling open, relaxed and alive! Once you try it, you'll see why so many keep coming back!