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At SoulShine, we warm the room to a comfortable temperature to enhance your experience.  A heating system is used to make the studio pleasantly temperate (80-90*F) which we like to call Safe Heat.  This  helps to make the body more responsive to the practice.

The class schedule reflects the variations in heat by stating the temperature after the class. For example, SoulFlow (80-90*F) | Restore (no heat) .  Please note, in the summer months the studio's temperature tends to hover around 80* without any heat.  Click here to see our class schedule.

Practicing in a room which is heated to over 100* F and 60% humid is not necessary and is possibly unsafe.  Excessive heat can be very taxing on the body, especially to the kidneys if dehydration occurs.  When practicing in a highly heated room, our bodies may expend more energy on maintaining a safe internal temperature than on practicing the poses.