It's like riding a bike. Just takes practice.

It's like riding a bike. Just takes practice.

Yoga is challenging and will change your body and mind.  Expect increased strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  Additionally, your balance, agility, focus and concentration will all improve with yoga.  Yoga is for everyone and compliments all sports.  


*Check-in at front desk before each class.

*If it’s your first time to SoulShine, please arrive 10 minutes early to become acquainted with the studio, and to sign a waiver.  

*Bring a mat if you have one, a towel and water bottle.  Wear comfortable, work out clothes. ( SSY has mats to rent / purchase if you do not have one yet.)

*Parking is available along San Elijo Road and in the Albertson's parking lot. 

*You can reserve a spot for class online here but preregistration is not required.

*Be mindful to remove shoes at the front entrance.

*Upon entering the front door, please use a soft voice to respect the atmosphere as class may be in session.

*Please turn cell phones off, to silent or airplane mode.  Note, a vibrating phone on the floor makes a lot of noise.

*Be sure to mention any injuries or concerns to your instructor prior to class start.  Monitoring and editing your movements to accommodate remains your responsibility.

*Take each class at your own pace, enJOY yourself and come into any resting posture when needed.